Haag-Streit Surgical HS 5-1000


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Our high-end combination

The HAAG-STREIT SURGICAL surgical microscope system HS 5-1000 consists of the SensoServo-driven HS Hi-R 1000 and the extremely steady floor stand FS 5-33. The high quality optics allow viewing of fine structures. Their apochromatic properties provide strong contrast and high resolution and prevent color deviations. Superior depth perception is achieved by industry leading stereo base of 25mm.

To fulfill user’s wishes, a modular accessory structure is available, offering multiple observers, documentation, fluorescence, autofocus, and hands-free control. As a standard the system is equipped with a powerful 300 W xenon illumination. The carrying system FS 5-33 combines upmost utmost stability with extraordinary reach, supporting an easy positioning and providing overhead capabilities.

Individual user settings can be defined via the touch panel C.TAB and allow customized usage.


Our high-end solution for neuro surgery

“The optics on HS Hi-R 1000 are the best I have ever used. Additionally, it is extremely innovative as is apparent with the unique SensoServo Drive system which enable the user to move the scope with minimal effort, locks it in place immediately after moving, and avoids the need for balancing.”



Motorized Movement

The SensoServo system of HS Hi-R 1000 uses ‘fly-by-wire‘ technology to move the microscope in all directions with utmost precision and requiring minimal force. Though this technology also the balancing remains permanently stable even when changing the positioning of the microscope or e.g. shifting the stereoscopic observer scope from left to right.



High flexibility

The variable focus assembly permits working distances from 224 mm to 510 mm without lens exchange. Optionally an alternative focus assembly is available that allows focusing at working distances of 200 mm to 450 mm. The integrated double iris diaphragm can be used to maximize the depth of field.



Enhance visibility

Specific illumination and filtering can make the invisible visible when fluorescent effects are allocatable through relevant dyes. In the operating system HS 5-1000 HAAG-STREIT SURGICAL offers fluorescence equipment for ALA and ICG.



Intraoperative tumor visualization

ALA is used to visualize high-grade gliomas as well as the infiltrated areas adjacent to the tumor. The required filters for illumination (blue) and observation (yellow) integrated into HS Hi-R 1000 and are selected automatically when pressing the blue fluorescence mode button on the right hand grip. The surgeon can switch between the normal white light and the fluorescence mode at any time.



Intraoperative fluorescence angiography

ICG is used for intraoperative angiographies, particularly in neurosurgery for detecting stenoses, leakages, and aneurysms. ICG is a medical dye that emits infrared light, when illuminated with light of the appropriate wavelengths.

Following the injection of the ICG solution into the patient‘s bloodstream, the vessels become visible when the ICG flows by. Now, irregularities can be seen on the unique M.DIS that is mounted in direct view of the surgeon and the HS MIOS displays.



Possibilities on demand

Depending on the demand, the operating microscope HS 5-1000 can be configured in a modular way. Various optional accessories are available.



Enrich your vision

Often, more information is needed than what hits the eye through the oculars of the operating microscope. In these situations extra information are provided in both oculars by our image injection system C.INJECT 1000. Featuring high definition, data can be injected in exceptional HD resolution into the oculars as an overlay to the live view or as a full image.




When working together the right accessory is needed:

  • Lateral observer scope with inclinable eyepiece head and image rotation for the assistant’s optimal comfort.
  • C.DUO offers face-to-face observation for two surgeons, lateral ports, and a separate camera connection. Eyepieces are fully rotatable for ergonomic positioning when tilting of the microscope.
  • To suit differences in height among surgeons various eyepiece heads allow inclination to improve ergonomics.
FS 5-33

Solid as a rock!

The floor stand FS 5-33 integrates the advanced technology with innovative damping for the lowest vibration. Even when fully equipped microscopes are mounted and the microscope arm is stretched to its full length of 1870 mm, it still stays solid as a rock!




The central tower of the stand neatly houses the light sources as well as accessories such as the recording system and camera control units. Control of the surgical microscope system is accomplished with the C.TAB touch panel. It allows for setting the parking position, automated floor stand balancing, individual user settings for over 30 surgeons with 5 applications each.



Elegant and subtle with precise functionality

“Despite the products necessary complexity and high precision requirements, the design of this stand for surgical microscopes is very elegant and subtile. The device has a calm and clean appearance. This is a great advantage for daily use in hospitals as it helps to structure workflows in a more pleasant and stress-free manner. While the product is quite large it nonetheless features subtle forms and highly precise functionality. A truly outstanding and excellently designed surgical device.“