Optilance Push-Button Safety Lancets


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Our equivalent replacement for Optilance is One-Care.

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OptiLance push-button safety lancets are ergonomically designed to mimic a syringe and provide you with optimal safety and comfort while collecting a blood sample for testing. A simple one-click action activates the lancet and the use of the unique Gentle Grip provides the most comfortable blood sampling experience to the patient. The OptiLance safety lancets are manufactured in Sweden using state of the art technology.

28 G, 1.6 Mm Puncture Depth, 100 Count
  • Auto disabling safety feature prevents re-use and eliminates cross-contamination
  • Safety indicator shows clearly if device has been used
  • Needle is covered at all times before and after use
  • High-speed lance and double spring action minimizes perception of pain
  • Automatic controlled needle depth