Ambu Resuscitator Spur II Nasal/Oral Mask, Adult, Infant, Toddler, Pediatric


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Product Overview

Ambu® SPUR® II Disposable Resuscitator

The Ambu SPUR II Disposable Resuscitator is a single patient use manual resuscitator. The SPUR II features the single-shutter valve system that provides reliable functionality, which has been proven by over three decades of use across the hospital and emergency sectors. The self-inflating bag is made of a thin SEBS material that provides excellent recoil, and also has a SafeGrip surface for improved handling. The SPUR II is offered in a complete family of resuscitators that cover all patient ranges.

Features & benefits

  • Single-shutter valve system for reliable functionality
  • Self-inflating bag made of thin SEBS material with excellent recoil
  • Integrated handle to support user during prolonged ventilation (Adult and Paediatric sizes only)
  • Low weight for improved handling during prolonged ventilation
  • Pressure-limiting valve system prevents delivery of excessive pressures (override cap can be engaged to negate activation of the valve in cases where higher pressures are required)
  • The self-inflating bag may be compressed to take up less storage space (Adult and Paediatric sizes only)
  • Variants of the SPUR II with an m-port are available. The m-port may be used for etCO2 monitoring or injection of medication
  • Compatible with Ambu Disposable Manometer and Ambu Disposable PEEP Valve without the need for adapters
  • SafeGrip surface on the self-inflating bag for improved handling
  • Splashguard directs exhaled air and fluids away from the user
  • Can be used to supply 100% FiO2 when used with an oxygen source
  • MR Conditional



(No reviews yet) Write a Review