Biore Witch Hazel Pore Clarifying Cooling Cleanser


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Product Overview

Biore Clear & Breathable Cleanser is a refreshingly cool acne face wash that reaches deep down into your pores and removes 99% of blemish causing dirt and oil. This salicylic acid face wash works as a blackhead vacuum by decreasing acne breakouts and reducing the formation of blackheads. Our acne face wash is formulated with 2% salicylic acid which deep cleans, clarifies and minimizes your pores for a clearer complexion and smooth skin. This salicylic acid cleanser with witch hazel works to dissolve grime, dissolve makeup remnants and soothe skin. Biore Clear & Breathable Witch Hazel Cooling acne cleanser refines pores while minimizing their appearance for smooth, soft skin. If you are looking for a pore or acne face wash made with witch hazel, you have to try this one out! Combination skin? No problem! Oily skin? No problem! This Biore face wash is an effective daily acne cleanser for all skin types and is oil free so it won’t clog pores. Finally, a face cleanser for women and men that is gentle enough to use daily yet effective enough to show results. On the lookout for eco-friendly brands? Look no further. We are proud to be a carbon neutral brand–offsetting the carbon footprint of our face cleansers and supporting climate initiatives. To use, wet your face, pump the face scrub into your hands and then massage over your entire face before rinsing thoroughly with water. Don’t hesitate. Invigorate and cool your skin with Biore face wash today, tomorrow and everyday after. A clearer complexion starts today.

SIZE: 6.77oz

UPC: 0-19100-25864-8


(No reviews yet) Write a Review