Active Air Purifier: Empowering Every Breath with Advanced Air Cleaning Technology

20th Jun 2024

The pandemic increased awareness about airborne pathogens. But beyond viruses, the air we breathe could be filled with bacteria, toxins, and allergens that can impact our immunity.

This is why more people are using air purifiers to improve the quality of their indoor environment in response. That said, not all purification methodsoperate with the same efficacy. You need something powerful if you want to eliminate a broader range of airborne contaminants.. At Steede Medical, we recommend using an active air purifier like the Air Vaccine 015.

Understanding active air purification

Traditional air purifiers use passive air purification, a mechanical air filtration process that catches or eliminates airborne pollutants. Their function is limited to airborne contaminants, so they don’t proactively clean the air. Though they use MERV or HEPA filters to capture allergens, they may not be effective at eliminating bacteria and viruses.

On the other hand, active air purifiers proactively enhance indoor air quality in a room. This makes them effective at minimizing airborne contaminants beyond what goes through the system. One of the methods for active air purification is by distributing ions or molecules throughout a space to cling to, minimize, and eliminate airborne pathogens and allergens.

Breathe easy

An active air purifier like AirVaccine 015 produces 10 times more OH radicals to clean indoor air. It further regenerates the OH radicals, even after disinfecting the air, making it possible to cover a maximum indoor area of up to 120 square meters. This makes the AirVaccine ideal for homes, commercial spaces, hotels, clinics, and offices.

Cleansing the atmosphere

Active air purifiers like the AirVaccine 015 are also called the 'detergent of the atmosphere' because they remove the hydrogen atoms from VOCs, viruses, and bacteria. This action destabilizes the structural integrity of pathogens and makes them harmless. AirVaccine 015 has been tested by the Korean Conformity Laboratories to show its effectiveness in removing a wide range of bacteria, VOCs, and viruses.

Get an active air purifier at the best price here at Steede Medical. We also carry the replacement cartridges for the AirVaccine 015, so you don’t have to look elsewhere. Shop now or call 305 597 0607 to learn more.