Buy Glucometer Online — 5 Essential Things to Check Before Ordering

4th Jan 2022

Diabetes is a chronic health condition affecting one in 10 Americans, or just over 34. 2 million. You are certainly not alone in this battle. And as you know, the illness requires ongoing management and with the help of some tools, including a glucometer.

Factors to look out for when buying glucometers online

According to the American Diabetes Association (ADA), diabetes technology is vital for managing the condition. Self-monitoring of blood glucose can help you understand how certain foods and drinks affect your body, keeping track of fluctuations.

This is why it’s important to know what to look for when you buy glucometers online. What makes a glucometer better than others? Here are some things to consider:


Food and Drug Association (FDA) standards require glucometer results within 15% or 15 mg/dL of the laboratory value. A good glucometer produces accurate results to help you manage your condition and prevent complications.

Insurance coverage

If you’re buying the glucometer for personal use, make sure to check with your provider for coverage details. Depending on the company, the coverage could be limited to specific models or the number of test strips.

Special features

Special features aren’t necessary; however, they could make your experience with the glucose meters more manageable. For example, consider using test strips developed with auto-calibration circuitry for more accurate results. In addition, choose a glucometer that uses test strips requiring only 0.4 microliter samples for less pain.


Does the glucose meter contain information that can help you in emergencies? Some manufacturers include a 24-hour hotline on the packaging if you have trouble using the device.

Licensing and supplier

Finally, make sure you only buy your glucometers online from a trusted and experienced medical devices supplier. They must be regulated by the proper authorities, ensuring that the glucometer is of the highest quality possible.