Epitome of Modern Air Purification Engineered for Homes, Clinics, and Beyond

25th Jan 2024

The recent pandemic has highlighted the importance of indoor air quality. People are more vigilant about the air they are breathing, knowing that it could increase their susceptibility to viral diseases and respiratory issues.

To address these concerns, a variety of air purification systems have been developed to tackle allergens, viruses, bacteria, and other airborne pollutants. Among them is the active air purifier. Widely used in homes and medical clinics, these purifiers are highly effective at removing airborne allergens and pollutants.

How does an active air purifier work?

Active air purification systems work by releasing ions or agents that interact with and neutralize harmful particles in the air. Ionizers and photocatalytic oxidation are two of the most common technologies used in these systems.

Photocatalytic oxidation uses UV light and a photocatalyst such as titanium dioxide to produce hydroxyl radicals. These radicals effectively break down bacteria, VOCs (volatile organic compounds), and other pollutants, rendering them harmless.

Ionizers release negative ions into the air. These ions latch onto positively charged particles like pollen, smoke, and dust, causing them to become heavier and fall to the ground. This makes these particles easier to vacuum or clean.

Why active air purification?

An active air purifier is capable of removing a variety of pollutants (including viruses and bacteria) and neutralizing them in real-time. This rapid action significantly enhances indoor air quality. That said, the effectiveness of an active air purifier depends on its quality, technology, and performance, so it’s important to understand how it operates.

One of the most advanced active air purifiers on the market is the AirVaccine 015+. This active air purifier generates 10 times more hydroxyl radicals to continuously clean the air indoors. Furthermore, it regenerates these radicals even after the disinfection process is complete, enabling the active air purifier to cover areas up to 120 sqm effectively.

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