Nidek Launches Retina Scan Duo 2 OCT/Fundus Camera

11th Oct 2021

Source: Nidek

Nidek has announced the launch of the Retina Scan Duo 2, a combined OCT and fundus camera system. The Retina Scan Duo 2 incorporates new features designed to enhance screening and clinical efficiency, in addition to user-friendly features that were incorporated from the previous model.

With the Retina Scan Duo 2, a 12 x 9 mm wide area OCT image can be acquired. The retina map captures both the macula and disc in a single shot. Normative database analysis is performed for both the disc and macula on a single OCT image, facilitating efficient diagnostic screening.

The Retina Scan Duo 2 incorporates a new image enhancement technique for denoising B-scan images. This function was released in December 2020 as B-scan Denoising Software for the Nidek OCT series, which provides high-definition images comparable to a multiple-image-averaging technique, with deep learning of a large data set of images averaged from 120 images. By generating a high definition image from a single-frame image, this function decreases image acquisition time, ensuring greater patient comfort.

Combining image denoising with the retina map results in high-definition wide field area OCT images in a single shot with faster image acquisition at speeds of 70,000 A-scans/s for regular OCT sensitivity.

“This next-generation device for combined retinal diagnosis incorporates practical features that contribute to optimizing clinical workflow,” says Motoki Ozawa, President and CEO of Nidek. “The Retina Scan Duo 2 will be an essential clinical device used daily for retinal screening and diagnosis.”

Product/model name: Optical Coherence Tomography RS-330

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