NIDEK Ophthalmic Equipment: A Comprehensive Guide to Advanced Eye Tech

27th Dec 2023

NIDEK ophthalmic technology is widely recognized and trusted by eye care professionals. The brand provides access to high-quality ophthalmologic solutions at competitive prices, ensuring clinics are equipped to handle a wide range of patient needs.

If you're an eye care professional considering an investment in new NIDEK ophthalmic technology, this guide is for you. Here is a list of some of NIDEK's latest products to assist you in making a well-informed decision.

Auto Ref/Keratometer

NIDEK's auto-refraction equipment is renowned for its accuracy, using a large pupil zone imaging method capable of refracting pupils up to 6mm in diameter. It also differentiates between central and wide area refractions measuring up to 3.5mm in diameter. The system incorporates a highly sensitive CCD and a super luminescent diode (SLD), enhancing measurement accuracy even in denser eyes with conditions like cataracts. Additionally, it features an optimal fogging method that reduces accommodation issues, making it highly effective for patients with severe astigmatism.

Handheld Ref/Keratometer

This handheld refractometer by NIDEK is notable for its lightweight design and excellent weight distribution, facilitating easy handling and usage. It features a user-friendly design, including a button that allows for one-handed operation. Despite its compact size, the device boasts a full graphic 3.5-inch LCD screen that displays intuitive icons for easy navigation.

Auto Lensmeter

In collaboration with sensor manufacturers such as Hartmann, NIDEK has enhanced its lensmeter with 108 measurement points. This advancement allows ophthalmologists to measure and acquire data more quickly without sacrificing reliability and accuracy. The device also features automatic lens-type detection, automatically switching to the most suitable measuring mode for each lens.

Chart Projector

As the trend shifts from physical to digital eye charts, NIDEK presents an advanced chart projector with a durable light source, improving cost efficiency. The projector offers a clearer and brighter display complemented by a rotational LED aperture that simplifies the focus adjustment process.

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