Safeguarding Your Space from Airborne Threats: A Detailed Exploration of Air Vaccine

31st Oct 2023

Do you think you’re safe from pollution and airborne threats while indoors? You may not know it, but your indoor environment could be harboring more bacteria, viruses, and allergens than outdoors. With poor ventilation, these airborne threats easily accumulate and spread, making you and everyone sharing your space more prone to illnesses and other health issues. However, there is a way to protect your space, and that is by using an Air Vaccine.

Also known as active air purifiers, Air Vaccines are more effective than regular air purifiers as they cover a maximum indoor area of up to 120 square meters. That makes them practical for any space, including offices, hotels, shops, clinics, and laboratories. Keep reading for more details about this innovative air purifier and how it can safeguard your spaces from unwanted airborne threats.

An atmosphere detergent

The Air Vaccine works by stripping off the hydrogen atom from volatile organic compounds, viruses, and bacteria. This way, it destabilizes their structural integrities and renders them harmless. Because of how they work, Air Vaccines have been dubbed ‘detergents of the atmosphere,’ and this effect is proven by tests conducted at the Korean Conformity Laboratories.

Benefits of an active air purifier

Based on lab tests, an active air purifier can remove 99.9% of bacteria, 95% of VOCs, 98.03% of influenza Type A viruses, and 99.84% of the Vaccinia virus. This way, it keeps the air clean, healthy, and safe to breathe, leading to additional benefits like enhanced productivity, fewer sick days, and reduced risk of developing respiratory problems.

Additionally, the Air Vaccine can eliminate unwanted odors from pets, food, and smoke that also impact air quality. As an active air purifier, it generates 10 times more OH radicals to effectively cleanse indoor air. After the disinfection process, the air purifier regenerates the OH radicals to keep cleaning the air.

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