Steede Medical's Active Air Purifier Redefines What It Means to Breathe Clean

18th Apr 2024

Outdoor air tends to be heavily polluted, especially in urban areas. As a result, many people believe they are safer if they stay indoors—not realizing that they could be breathing in highly contaminated air in enclosed spaces and putting themselves at risk of being sick and suffering from allergies.

According to the US EPA, indoor air is potentially 5 times as polluted as outdoors because it doesn’t circulate as much as outside, causing many airborne pollutants to thrive. The good news is you can use an active air purifier to refresh and disinfect stale air. If you need one, look no further because we have the best selection here at Steede Medical.

A must for your indoor environment

Indoor pollutants can cause many health conditions beyond respiratory infections. They could aggravate asthma, lead to neurological issues, and increase people’s susceptibility to illnesses like the common cold and flu. Additionally, pollutants include volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and emitted gases from specific liquids and solids, such as hydraulic fluids, petroleum fuels, paint thinners, and hydraulic fluids.

Although regular air purifiers exist, advanced models like AirVaccine 015+ are better at eliminating all indoor pollutants, including bacteria, VOCs, and viruses. It’s an active air purifier that removes the hydrogen atom from pathogens to destabilize their internal structures and render them harmless. It effectively disinfects the air by generating 10 times more OH radicals and re-generating them, even after completing the disinfection process. As a result, the AirVaccine covers more area, up to 120 square meters, making it practical in various settings, including commercial spaces, clinics, hotels, and homes.

Breathe clean air

At Steede Medical, we carefully choose our products to ensure they are proven safe and effective. We carry the AirVaccine 015+ because it’s the active air purifier tested by the Korean Conformity Laboratories and proven to remove the following unwanted elements from the air you breathe:

99.9% bacteria (e.g. E.Coli)

98.03% influenza Type A virus (e.g. H1N1)

99.84% vaccinia virus (e.g., smallpox)

95% VOCs

Experience cleaner, healthier air by getting the AirVaccine 015+ active air purifier here at Steede Medical. We offer this product along with replacement cartridges at reasonable prices.