Steede Medical's AirVaccine 015+: A Breakthrough in Active Air Purification

27th May 2024

If someone were to ask you today what you learned from the COVID-19 pandemic, your answer would likely include the importance of clean air. We all know that indoor air pollution can be just as dangerous as outdoor pollution, and finding a way to reduce it is crucial for everyone's health.

At Steede Medical, we have added a new product to our active air purifier collection, the AirVaccine 015+.

Substantial OH radical production

This particular air vaccine generates OH radicals at a rate ten times higher than other air purifiers. This is achieved by removing a hydrogen atom from bacteria, viruses, and harmful chemicals in the air. These OH radicals are highly reactive, and when they come in contact with pollutants, they neutralize them, making the air cleaner and safer to breathe.

Large coverage area

If you are looking for active air purifiers for a large space like hotels, hospital rooms, clinics, offices, and other commercial areas, then the AirVaccine 015+ is perhaps the best choice. It covers up to 120 square meters and offers the same degree of protection to every inch.

Proven effectiveness

Of course, we can talk about the effectiveness of a product all day long, but we believe that nothing speaks louder than testing results. The AirVaccine 015+ has been tested for its effectiveness, and the results are impressive. It has been proven to eliminate:

●Bacteria (99.9%),

●Influenza Type A Virus (98.03%),

●Vaccinia Virus (99.84%), and

●VOCs (95%).

This means that it is highly efficient in removing harmful pollutants and keeping the air clean and safe.

For high-quality active air purifiers, contact us at Steede Medical. Browse through our website or reach out to us on WhatsApp at (786) 558 9456 for assistance.