Top 3 Facts about Nidek Edgers

29th Oct 2021

Nidek is one of the leading manufacturers of ophthalmic and optometry equipment. Its products utilize advanced technology and are backed by the company’s extensive history of research and development. This brand is known to deliver world-class equipment that can guarantee precision. In fact, Nidek edgers are some of the best lens edging devices for manufacturing eyeglasses today.

If you’re looking to invest in high-quality optometry equipment, consider Nidek’s line of lens edging equipment. Using advanced technologies, Nidek supports every aspect of the optometric process including lens measurement and processing and visual acuity measurements. They aim to help realize enhanced operational efficiency and improve the satisfaction of improved vision with eyeglasses. Here are more facts you must know about Nidek edgers:

  1. Continuing development

Nidek has been developing lens edging systems since 1989 with the LE-8000. The lens edger’s innovative system continues to evolve with optometry and innovation. That said, the company hasn’t changed its policy in developing such systems. It still does its best to deliver the highest-quality service and products.

  1. Designed for manufacturing better glasses

Fine glasses need fine frames and fine lenses. Nidek edgers support the manufacture of optimal glasses by providing accurate technologies that support customer-oriented lens selection. The lens edging equipment enables different eyewear designs to suit a wide range of aesthetic requirements.

  1. Accurate lens processing technology

Glasses are not just for vision correction anymore. Nowadays, they’re practical as fashion accessories, too. Nidek edgers are equipped with advanced lens processing technology to keep up with that need. This technology is highly accurate and enables lens processing for a range of frame designs so customers can have high-quality, comfortable, and stylish eyeglasses that they’ll love to wear.

You can purchase Nidek edgers from reputable and established suppliers of medical and ophthalmic equipment online. One of the products you’ll find is LE-800, which comes with a built-in intelligent blocker and well-organized user functions. There’s an optional custom-designed frame tracer, too!