N95 Respirator

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(4) Cartons of (20) in an (80) Pack Case: Part No. 403003011-220


(4) Cartons of (20) in an (80) Pack Case: Part No. 403003012-220

LWS is one of only two companies manufacturing in the USA the flat fold 3-panel style of N95 and surgically rated N95 respirators that healthcare providers prefer because of the superior performance characteristics of this style.



LWS is also the #1 global provider of real-time contamination monitoring systems for the healthcare sector, as well as many manufacturing industries, including pharmaceutical, medical devices, semiconductors, aerospace, and others.

The problem-solving SHIELD N95 respirators are best-in-class. 

Here’s a summary of the unique, innovative features of the SHIELD:

Fit Test Champion: The SHIELD N95 respirator has been declared the "fit test champion" by many users and fit testing consultants. Its innovative flat fold 3-panel design and soft nose foam allow for a more comfortable and secure fit on a wide range of face shapes and sizes.

Breathing Made Easier: The SHIELD is one of the most breathable disposable masks on the market, with 15% more breathability than the leading N95 mask.

Alleviates Eyewear Fogging: The SHIELD’s breathable design, coupled with its specialized closed-cell nose foam and secure fit, helps to alleviate the annoying problem of eyewear fogging.

Improved Ergonomics and Better Field of Vision: N95 masks can obstruct a portion of your lower peripheral vision, forcing you to tilt your head forward and increasing strain and fatigue on your neck.  The SHIELD has a patent pending “ClearView Bar” feature that can help reduce neck strain by removing the vision blockage that can occur when wearing an N95 mask.



Maximizing Durability: The SHIELD N95 boasts a patent-pending elastic weld pattern, ensuring durability throughout its duty cycle. This means no more staples to break and no more metal staples against your face. 

A Competitively Priced, Made in The USA Problem Solver: The SHIELD N95s are individually wrapped, MADE IN THE USA, and competitively priced.  The SHIELD’s unique problem-solving value proposition provides our Steede Medical customers with the maximum N95 value. 



Our NIOSH-approved SHIELD-PRO respirator is manufactured in America and designed for the unique challenges faced by those who need respirators: keeping you both safe and comfortable.

  • Material Composition:
    • Filter: Polypropylene
    • Nose Foam: Medical Grade PVC
    • Nose Clip: Dual Iron Core Polypropylene Coated Wire
    • Coverweb: Polypropylene
    • Head Straps: Polyisoprene
  • Particle Filtration: 95% minimum (tested at 98%)
  • Shelf/Storage Life: 3 Years 
  • Storage Temperature Limits: Between -4°F (-20°C) and +86°F (+30°C)
  • Storage Relativity Humidity Limits: Not Exceeding 80% RH
  • Individually Wrapped
  • Country of Origin: Manufactured in the USA


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