Air Vaccine 015+

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The Hydroxyl Radical, OH, is the neutral form of the hydroxide ion.  By reacting permissible levels of ozone with hydrogen peroxide, highly reactive OH radicals (also known as nature’s detergent) are produced to oxidize biological and chemical indoor air contaminants present within the environment. 

Through a patented design, the best of this technology has been incorporated into AirVaccine015 making it capable of producing up to 10 times more OH radicals than conventional air purifiers to disinfect your indoor air. Leveraging on the cascade reaction, OH radicals are re-generated after every disinfection process – allowing AirVaccine 015+ to cover an effective area up to 1300 ft² with a minimal electricity consumption of 2.4W.

Clean, healthy air invigorates and gives us fresh strength. Productivity and health levels have been noted to be enhanced, in indoor environments when the quality of indoor air is improved. This fact is indisputable as we tend to outperform in a healthy and conducive environment.

With purcahse, we include (2) cartridges which will provide 6 months of continuous use.