Air Vaccine – Know About it and How it Works for You

25th Aug 2021

Many diseases are caused by airborne bacteria and viruses. If you are concerned about your own health and safety, it might be wise to invest in a good air purifier. It will improve the quality of your indoor air so you and your family can reduce your risk of getting sick and developing chronic conditions such as respiratory allergies. One of the best products you can consider is the Air Vaccine; an innovative air purifier that covers up to 120m2 of indoor area. It is made with UK DOD original military technology that effectively disinfects the air to eliminate toxic gases, bacteria, and viruses!

What makes it different from other air purifiers?

Air Vaccine 015+ generates 10 times more OH radicals, which are regenerated further after completing the disinfection process. That makes it effective at covering a wider area, making it suitable for homes, hotels, commercial spaces, and clinics. OH is the hydroxyl radical, which is appropriately nicknamed ‘nature’s detergent’ as it oxidizes chemical and biological air contaminants present within the indoor environment.

Proven effective

The OH being generated by this state-of-the-art air purifier strips off the hydrogen atom from volatile organic compounds (VOCs), viruses, and bacteria to destabilize their structural integrities. This way, they are rendered harmless. Air Vaccine has gone through stringent testing by the Korean Conformity Laboratories and proven effective in removing up to 99.9 percent of bacteria like E. Coli, up to 98.03% of Influenza Type A Virus (i.e., H1N1), 95 percent of VOCs, and 99.84 percent of Vaccina Virus (i.e., smallpox)

Lets you breathe cleaner and safer air!

Air Vaccine will help clean the air you breathe to keep you healthy and productive. It helps remove odors caused by food, smoke, and pets. Rest assured, it is safe to use indoors and won’t harm humans, plants, and animals with its low ozone emissions!