Air Vaccine

AirVaccine 015 is designed to produce 10 times more OH radicals compared to other purifiers, and keep the indoor air clean. These OH radicals are further re-generated once the disinfection process completed. This allows AirVaccine 015+ to cover an area of 120 sqm.

Our customers belong to various categories including homeowners, clinics, hotels, and commercial spaces, who vouch for our air-purifying device for the indoor use. At Steede Medical, you can buy air purifier online like AirVaccine 015+ at the best given price.

Active Air Purifier

What makes AirVaccine 015+ different from others is it covers maximum indoor area. Also known as the detergent of the atmosphere, they strip off a hydrogen atom from bacteria/viruses/Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs), destabilizing their structural integrities – rendering them harmless.

This AirVaccine 015+ is finely tested by the Korean Conformity Laboratories and removes Bacteria (99.9%) [e.g. E.Coli], Vaccinia Virus (99.84%) [e.g. Smallpox], Influenza Type A Virus (98.03%) [e.g. H1N1], and VOCs (95%).

At Steede Medical, along with buying air purifier online, you can also buy replacement cartridge and BAQA Replacement Cartridge. These cartridges are easy to install or change. When you purchase the AirVaccine along with cartridges, you will also get complete instruction of installation and changing. Below are the steps to follow-

  • Open the cartridge cover and insert the new cartridge in the main body.
  • Once the cartridge is installed, you will hear a beep sound, and the red cartridge alarm indicator will turn off. The product stays in off mode.
  • Press the power button for the product to start.
  • In case, the cartridge change indicator turns blue, it is time to change the cartridges. If you still do not change the cartridge, it will stop blinking and the unit will not operate.

At Steede Medical, you can buy air purifier online at the best possible price and use it for your indoor space.