Buy Your Own Air Vaccine at a Lower Cost

2nd Mar 2022

Many diseases are caused by various airborne pathogens. That means we have to ensure clean, breathable indoor air. But it can be challenging to clean the air we breathe. It may be best to use air purifiers, such as the Air Vaccine 015+, which is designed to produce OH radicals to help cleanse indoor air and keep it clean. It is unique as is that it produces 10 times more OH radicals than conventional purifiers. These OH radicals are regenerated after the disinfection process. This way, it ensures continuous air cleaning for areas up to 120 square meters in size.

You can easily buy the Air Vaccine online, but preferably from a reputable and trustworthy local medical supplies distributor. That way, you don’t have to wait too long to get the active air purifier, and you can save money on shipping costs. Some distributors may even provide free shipping if your orders reach a particular value. They guarantee the best price for the product, including the replacement cartridges.

Better value for your money

There may be a lot of air purifiers available today, and even well-known brands have their versions. However, the Air Vaccine tends to stand out because of its features. For instance, the 015+ model covers the maximum indoor area and effectively strips off the hydrogen atom from VOCs, viruses, and bacteria to destabilize their structural integrity to render them harmless. It’s tested by the Korean Conformity Laboratories and proven to effectively remove up to 99.9 percent of bacteria, 99.84 percent of the vaccinia virus, 95 percent of VOCs, and 98.03 percent of the influenza type A virus.

More options for you

The Air Vaccine also comes in a more compact and portable version known as BAQA. Its patented design ensures the effective disinfection of indoor air in areas up to 320 square feet in size.