From Viruses to VOCs: How Air Vaccine 015+ Sets a New Standard in Air Purification

27th Dec 2023

In a world where the quality of indoor air is a growing concern — especially in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic — the need for effective air purification solutions has never been more critical. Air Vaccine 015+ sets new benchmarks in this field. These cutting-edge air purifiers play a vital role in various settings, including homes, offices, and healthcare facilities.

Expansive coverage

Unlike conventional air purifiers, Air Vaccine generates more OH radicals — 10 times more than its counterparts. These radicals are key to effectively purifying indoor air. But Air Vaccine doesn't stop there. It uniquely regenerates these OH radicals after they have completed the disinfection process, extending its purifying reach to an impressive area of up to 120 square meters.

Air Vaccine 015+ effectively neutralizes harmful elements such as volatile organic compounds, viruses, and bacteria by stripping off their hydrogen atoms. Acting like a detergent for the atmosphere, this mechanism renders these potentially harmful elements harmless.

Effective air cleansing

Rigorous testing by the Korean Conformity Laboratories shows that Air Vaccine 015+ demonstrates superior proficiency in cleansing breathable air. Based on lab findings, Air Vaccine 015+ can remove up to 99.9% of bacteria like E. coli and 99.84% of vaccinia virus, such as smallpox. In addition, it is proven to eliminate 95% of volatile organic compounds and 98.03% of influenza-type A viruses, like H1N1.

Air Vaccine has also been COVID-19 tested to prove its performance in reducing infections in indoor environments, such as department stores, movie theaters, banks, medical facilities, and other establishments.Its ability to create a cleaner and healthier indoor environment allows everyone to breathe easier, enhancing productivity and reducing concerns about allergens, bacteria, and viruses.

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