Guidelines and Procedure of Air Vaccine

2nd Jan 2021

Many viruses, irritants, pollutants, and bacteria are airborne, but air purifiers should be able to eliminate them. If you need an air purifier, consider investing in a high-quality product that uses proven technology to safely eliminate harmful substances from the air you breathe. Air Vaccine is a good choice, as it is also a sterilizer that effectively eliminates 99.9 percent of viruses and odors, and its range can cover 120 square meters, making it useful in larger rooms. More importantly, it provides an economical and safe way to disinfect your surroundings.

Where to buy

You can purchase this air purifier online, but make sure that it comes from a reputable and trusted retailer of medical supplies and equipment. Be sure to verify the reliability of the retailer and check that they are selling authentic products. Good retailers are also authorized to carry

replacement cartridges for the product.

How it works

Air Vaccine 015 uses UK DOD original military technology. It features a strong air disinfection system used for preparing for biochemical warfare, such as removing toxic gases and eliminating bacteria, viruses, and other substances that could cause infectious diseases and respiratory allergies. The same technology is proven to completely remove 0.001 micrometer viruses and volatile organic compounds through chemical decomposition.

Rest assured—it is a safe air purifier that you can buy online. The level of ozone it emits is lower than 0.05 ppm, which is the environmental standard by the WHO. Therefore, it is completely harmless to humans, animals, and plants and you can use it indoors without any worries.

More benefits

Besides sanitizing the air you breathe, the Air Vaccine helps eliminate any odors from food, smoke, pets, and VOCs. The device is energy efficient and ensures low maintenance costs, even when you leave it running round-the-clock.

Healthy and clean air can be invigorating, can boost your health levels and productivity, and have a positive impact on your indoor environment. So, be sure to invest in a good air purifier online, such as the Air Vaccine.