Have a Safe and Healthy Home with Air Vaccine 015

3rd Mar 2021

The market for air purifiers online is skyrocketing because of the current health crisis. But the truth is, running an air purifier like Air Vaccine 015 at home is always a good idea. With or without the pandemic, your family will surely benefit from it. How exactly can air purifiers ensure a safe and healthy home?

Releases OH radicals to clean the indoor air

The hydroxyl radical or OH radical is what scientists call the "detergent of the troposphere" because it can remove pollutants and eliminate some of the greenhouse gases, pathogenic viruses, and bacteria. Air purifiers release OH radicals in the air to remove the pollutants and Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) by decomposing them. In other words, OH radicals clean the air you breathe in your home.

Air Vaccine 015 is considered one of the best air purifiers online today because it can produce 10 times more OH radicals compared to other purifiers. Because of this, it can cover a larger area that is up to 120 sqm.

You don't need to have a serious respiratory condition to appreciate air purifiers. Many people buy air purifiers online for various reasons such as:

Eliminate pet odor and dander

If you are a pet owner, then you are probably aware of how difficult it is to remove pet odor. Air vaccine 015 can effectively eliminate the stench of pet urine and feces in the air. What's more amazing about this purifier is that it can also remove pet dander without harming your fur baby.

Reduce sick days

Are you always sick during flu season? Getting stuck at home with dirty air may just worsen your condition. This is another good reason why you should have an air purifier at home. Designed to remove bacteria and viruses, an air purifier will surely improve your health and make you less susceptible to catching a cold.