On Call Express Test Strips: The Test Strips That Put You in Control of Your Diabetes

28th Jun 2023

When you have diabetes, monitoring your blood glucose levels becomes a top priority. With regular checks, you can easily determine which activities, foods, and medications are impacting them, whether positively or negatively. This is why it’s important to get accurate results each time. To avoid errors, make sure you have high-quality test strips.Look no further thanOn Call Express Test Strips,which are clinically proven for their accuracy levels. Moreover, they only require a small amount of blood to render results in a few seconds.

The best test strips

ACON designed On Call Express Strips to eliminate the need for coding. Unlike traditional test strips, they feature auto-calibration circuitry inside to increase accuracy levels. Plus, they allow you to test from other sites, like your forearm or palm, while ensuring extremely reliable results.

Less pain when testing

Does drawing blood make you uncomfortable? On-Call Express Test Strips can solve that problem by requiring only a 0.4-microliter sample. Then, you should see the results in just four seconds. Additionally, the meter has Audible Fill detection, letting you add a second drop of blood within three seconds. This way, you do not have to worry about wasting strips.

Is it time to change your test strips?

Low-quality test strips could negatively affect the accuracy of your blood glucose test. You do not have to worry about that when you have On Call Test Strips, which come with cutting-edge biosensor technology to eliminate coding. Plus, the auto-calibration circuitry helps speed up test results and make them more accurate.

That said, careful use is recommended to maximize their use. So, be sure to handle On Call Express Test Stripswith dry hands, and ensure sufficient blood on the strip. And don’t forget to keep your meter clean to avoid inaccurate results and contamination.

Try it!

Order On Call Express Test Strips here at Steede Medical. Check out securely using trusted payment methods, and we will ship your diabetic test strips shortly. We also ensure your orders are carefully packed to protect them during shipping and handling.