On Call Express Blood Glucose Diabetic Test Strips

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Product Overview

ACON On Call Express Strips (50 count)

  • No Coding Required-Auto Calibration circuitry inside every strip
  • Less Pain! Only a 0.4 microliter sample required with 4 second results
  • Reliable Clinically Proven Accuracy
  • Can test from Alternate sites like Palm and Forearm
  • Meter provides Audible Fill detection & Allows for a 2nd drop of blood to be added within 3 seconds to avoid wasted strips! (Meter not included in this listing)

For people with diabetes, blood glucose diabetic test strips are a convenient way to keep a check on their blood glucose levels. This helps in managing the disease efficiently without constant medical attention. By regularly checking your blood glucose, you can get an idea about the foods, medications, and activities that can affect your blood sugar in a good or bad way.

On call express test strips are extremely reliable and have clinically proven accuracy levels. They are very easy to use and require only 0.4 micro liter samples with 4 seconds results. These strips can be used at alternate testing sites of your palm and forehead with the same accuracy levels. You can use the meter which provides audible fill detection with on call express test strips. The meter does not come with the strips and can be easily purchased. These test strips allow you to add a second drop of blood within 3 seconds to avoid wasting any strips in case of underfilling.

On call express test strips have been developed with advanced biosensor technology and do not require any coding. Every strip features an auto calibration circuitry that gives faster and accurate test results. While using the blood glucose test strips you must ensure that your hands are not wet, there is enough blood on the strip and your hand and the meter is clean to avoid contamination and inaccurate blood sugar levels.

These strips can be used anywhere and will help you keep your blood sugar levels under check by monitoring them at regular intervals. Both high and low blood sugar levels can cause a serious medical concern, so doctors advise diabetic patients to use this strips to self-monitor their glucose levels. You can also maintain a dairy of your blood glucose levels to take decisions about your medication dosage, diet and exercise.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review