Save Yourself from Health Issues by Using Air Vaccine at Your Place

15th Apr 2022

If you believe that you’re safer indoors, think again. Studies show that indoor air tends to be more polluted than outdoor air because allergens, bacteria, and viruses accumulate indoors without any means of escape. This can cause allergies and other diseases, such as the common cold and flu. You might even be at risk of catching COVID-19 if someone living in the same premises is infected.

If you’re worried about low-quality indoor air, it’s time to invest in a high-quality air purifier like the Air Vaccine 015.

Not your typical air purifier

The Air Vaccine generates 10 times more OH radicals compared to regular purifiers. So, it’s more effective at cleaning and maintaining indoor air. OH radicals are then re-generated after disinfection, so the purifier can cover an area as large as 120 square meters.

Suitable for most spaces

The 015+ is tested by the Korean Conformity Laboratories and proven to remove 99.9 percent of bacteria and most viruses. The Air Vaccine is a multifaceted appliance used in homes, clinics, hotels and commercial spaces. It covers the maximum indoor area to clean the air by stripping off the hydrogen atom from volatile organic compounds, viruses, and bacteria. Without the hydrogen atom, those pathogens found in the air are rendered harmless.

Replaceable cartridges

You can get BAQA replacement cartridges for the Air Vaccine 015 to keep it working optimally. The cartridges are easy to change and install. You’ll know when it’s time to change a cartridge when the indicator turns blue. The light will keep blinking, and the purifier won’t function until you replace the cartridge.

Breathe clean and healthy air

If you frequently suffer from allergies and respiratory ailments, it may be time to invest in a high-quality air purifier for your place. Just be sure it’s a proven dependable and helpful product, such as the Air Vaccine.