Ultimate Air Quality Control with Our Purifier: Solution to Your Well-being and Comfort

28th Mar 2024

Surprisingly, indoor air can often be up to five times more polluted than the air outside due to limited circulation. This stagnation allows airborne pollutants to proliferate within your home or office spaces.

The good news is that you can effectively address this issue by choosing a high-quality active air purifier such as the AirVaccine 015+.

The AirVaccine stands out for its proficiency in purifying indoor air, thus promoting your comfort and health. These active air purifiers excel by generating a significant number of OH radicals and sustaining their presence, enhancing their ability to disinfect across broader areas.

Let’s get into how an active air purifier can transform your indoor breathing experience, ensuring peace of mind and health.

Extending clean air across large areas

The AirVaccine 015+ produces ten times the OH radicals compared to its counterparts, effectively covering areas up to 120 square meters. Its efficiency spans various environments—be it residential homes, medical clinics, commercial spaces, hotels, or offices. Users consistently praise its capability to ensure their indoor environments are both safer and purer. Verified by the Korean Conformity Laboratories, the AirVaccine efficiently eliminates:

99.9% of bacteria, including E.Coli

99.84% of viruses, such as those similar to smallpox

95% of volatile organic compounds (VOCs)

98.03% of influenza Type A viruses, like H1N1

Prioritizing your health with advanced technology

Choose Steede Medical for the most competitive pricing on the AirVaccine 015+, an active air purifier designed to purify extensive indoor areas. It essentially 'washes' the air, removing hydrogen atoms from VOCs, viruses, and bacteria, thereby neutralizing harmful agents by compromising their structural integrity.

Additionally, we supply replacement cartridges for the AirVaccine 015+ so you can enjoy a seamless experience maintaining your device. Purchasing an active air purifier from us also means you'll receive a comprehensive guide on setting up and replacing the cartridges.

Transform your indoor air quality today.

Embrace a cleaner, healthier indoor environment with the AirVaccine 015+ active air purifier. Purchase directly from us or reach out for a personalized quote at 305-597-0607 and breathe easier knowing your air is purified to the highest standards.