Nidek Multifunction Edger ME-1500


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Nidek Multifunction Edger ME-1500 Features

  • Comprehensive technology to deliver expert lens edging
  • Automatic 3D drilling
  • High base curve processing
  • Multi/mini beveling
  • Step beveling / partial step processing
  • Design cut
  • User friendly

Automatic 3D drilling

Various hole shapes such as slots, notches, counterbored holes, and jewel holes can be performed. A maintenance message notifies operator when drill bit needs replacing.

High base curve processing

NIDEK Edger’s unique front and rear independent grinding function offers a high base curve bevel with flawless results. The position and height of the bevel can also be manually controlled.

Multi/mini beveling

Highly customizable, asymmetrical bevel permits lenses to be perfectly fitted into various eyewires. Mini beveling is also available with a single touch of the button.

Step beveling / partial step processing

With step beveling, Rx lenses can be easily inserted into sunglass frames, which are traditionally difficult to fit. The partial step processing grinds Rx lenses for specialty-type sport frames.
Maximum lens size: ø67 mm (type PLB-8S), ø72 mm (type PLB-2R8S)

Design cut

Bespoke lens shapes can be designed creatively by utilizing the drill bit as a milling tool.

User friendly

The distinctive design of the ME-1500 Nidek Edger is in the pursuit of ergonomics and ease of use. A full-scale display and jog dial offer smooth data entry. The assistant functions make workflow more efficient, even for beginners.