ONE-CARE™ Safety Lancets

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Product Overview

MediVena ONE-CARE™ Safety Lancets

30G / 1.5mm


Fully enclosed housing ensures that needle is hidden before and after use
Single-use mechanism prevents sharps injuries and reuse of the device
Lancet needles are over-molded in plastic, protected with a safety cap and Gamma-sterilized.


Silicone-coated, ultra-thin needles ideally positioned during skin penetration with double-spring mechanism to reduce vibrations
Color-coded product versions to meet specific blood sample requirements and address a variety of patient skin types
Ergonomic design for comfortable grip and secure blood collection


Easy to use, intuitive operation in 3 steps only, no pre-loading required
Wide safety cap designed for easy removal - simply twist off the cap and pull it out
Optimal skin contact area for precise positioning on the desired test site and adequate blood flow


(No reviews yet) Write a Review