Ziploc Freezer Bags Quart


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Product Overview

Unloc a second set of hands in the kitchen. Introducing Ziploc brand Freezer Bags with New Stay Open Design. With their patented stand-up bottom, they're remarkably easy to fill. Put one where you need it and get to work pouring, adding and filling with ease. It's as if someone is holding the bag open for you, so it's a great help when it comes to getting things ready for the freezer. Once the bags are filled, Ziploc Brand Grip n Seal technology makes them easy to close securely, while also helping to lock out freezer burn. Whether it's soups, sauces or stews, filling, closing and freezing just go a whole lot easier. These reusable Ziploc brand Freezer Bags are safe to use in the microwave and are BPA free. Measuring 7" by 7 7/16", they're the ideal size for portioning out your culinary creations for the freezer. If it's for pre-party prep or storing provisions, these freezer bags with their patented stand-up bottom save you time and effort. Ziploc brand has been helping store food and more for generations. Our new Ziploc brand Freezer Bags with New Stay Open Design make that easier than ever. For total kitchen convenience, pair them with our Ziploc brand Storage Bags with New Stay Open Design and you'll have all the bases covered. Ziploc brand Bags with New Stay Open Design will help you out, wherever you use them. It's almost like having an extra pair of hands. Packaging May Vary.

SIZE: 19ct

UPC: 0-25700-00388-5


(No reviews yet) Write a Review